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                                                                           September Tour Dates

                                                           Washington, DC-- Aug. 29th-Sept. 9th

For all subs, sissies, and princesses: Is this the first time serving Me?-- A deposit of $85.00USD out of hourly rate is to be made. The remaining balance is due upon arrival. No exceptions. No negotiation. Along with, two Reputable Mistress/Domme to vouch for you. Their name, Email address, & website -Two out of the required three are fine.  | Once you crawl through My door.. You are to be clean at time of arrival. You are to Respect the given rules and follow safety guidelines.

**Once the deposit is submitted. I will send an Email of instructed guidelines.

**In Contact Form--List hard limits. Allergies. As well as health restrictions. Safety first!

Finalize it.--Pay here.

Don't have time to serve? No worries, Call Me to confess your sins..Call Button

Questions? Concerns?Contact Me.